The Economics Of Happiness Reflection


The Economics Of Happiness Reflection



-questions you have

I don’t understand how people want to be rich and have everything they want but also think that they will be happy. They will be rich by working a lot but they wont have time for their selves to be happy.



-ideas you disagree with

I disagree with having a local store all around the world, because than they will have to work on the problems about their stores all around the world. If they have to make sure that their stores don’t have any problems than they will have to go to the stores one by one all around the world and the will need a lot of money to work on the problems. Of course I would feel proud of my self if I had local stores around the world but what if I failed and just a little amount of people came than I wouldn’t feel proud because whats the point if no ones coming?



-ideas you agree with

I totally agree with the idea of people being treated equally because everyone has the right to live happy. Human should respect each other and every living thing on earth also every human should have the right to live in freedom.




-connections you can make

Everyone has the right to have education (including university). People should have to pay for education because everyone needs to have education to live a better life in their future, higher educated people can tend to make better choices, that would make their national economy better.





-ideas you find interesting

Compared to the pervious generation todays people are more materialistic and less motivated than the past generations by being un interested on working hard.




-comments you have about what we watched today

I believe that we should be more aware and take the clues of what’s coming next, to our economy that will change the plan that we have ın our minds for the future of our economy. Most of the people want to live in luxury and be rich and they think that they will be happier living like that. But if they want to rich than they have to work all day and I don’t think that they will be happy working all day, they will be tired.

Meeting Date:
Meeting Time:
Meeting Location:

What I achieved this week:

What T-skills have I developed and used:

What I need to do this week:

Parent Comment:


week 4 meeting

Meeting Date: 28/04/2015
Meeting Time: 10:20
Meeting Location: Ms Dunn’s room

What I achieved this week: I planned my action

What T-skills have I developed and used: communication skills, research skills, thinking.

What I need to do this week: I have to do my action

Mentor Comment: This is our first meeting with Ela. I neither fully understand the outcome of her action plan nor how she is making connections with the global issue. I also didn’t see any documentation of her work so far. I suggest Ela to be more organized, to be more on task and more be more responsible. Achieving these goals not only can help her with the exhibition unit but also can provide her with the tools to be more successful academically.

Week 1

I think I’m doing a good time with using my time wisely, Its very important using my time wisely in Exhibition. I’m doing a good time with managing my skills and if continue like this I can do a great job in Exhibition. I didn’t had any challenges yet, but I’m sure I will in few weeks. My plans for next weeks is meeting with my mentor and also I will write some things about my passion and issue of course. I think this week went well and I used my comunication skills.


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